How Digital Refills Can Help Your Business

In a new article published by PBA Health, the advantages for a pharmacy of promoting the use of digital prescription drug refills are discussed. With most national chain pharmacies now offering access to refills via a website or mobile app, this type of service is developing rapidly from an optional convenience into a necessity.

The article discusses the following key points about digital refills:

  • Digital refills are convenient. Patients can refill prescriptions easily anytime and anywhere; mobile apps offer medication management tools; pharmacists can spend less time on the phone facilitating refills.
  • Digital refills improve outcomes. Digital refill applications, either online or via mobile app, allow for patients to keep track of not only their medications, but the medications of their whole family. Medication reminders, refills reminders, and built-in education opportunities help increase patient adherence to prescribed medications and routines.
  • If you offer this service, be sure that your clients are made aware of it. Effective marketing is key in launching and increasing the use of a pharmacy’s mobile app or website.

See the article in full at PBA Health.