Modern Ideas to Grow Your Pharmacy

Remaining competitive as an independent pharmacy can be challenging. A recent article by McKesson looks at pharmacy innovation and how you can adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

  1. Expand clinical programs and utilize software to track performance – Clinical service programs are necessary for pharmacies to stand out to their patients. It’s essential that you implement a system that will monitor the performance of these programs.
  2. Synchronize Pick-Up Times – Appointment-based medication synchronization programs can be a huge win for both pharmacies and patients. Scheduling medication pick-up for a predetermined time, offers patients more time to ask questions and pharmacies improved efficiencies and less inventory carrying costs.
  3. Become Mobile – Go to your patients, rather that asking them to come to you. Make it easier for patients by offering flu vaccines at the office or long-term care facility and take counseling programs and prescriptions to the home.
  4. Develop Marketing Strategies that Work – Knowing how to reach your market is key to growth in this industry. Word of mouth continues to be one of the most effective tools – so be active in the community and utilize social platforms to communicate with your customers. Be sure to also keep your website up-to-date and evaluate the benefits of outbound marketing strategies, such as newspaper and radio advertising.

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