A Look at Developing Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Staying on top of the latest technology can be challenging for pharmacy owners and managers. A recent article from Drug Topics takes a look at some of the important tech trends making waves in the pharmacy industry.

  1. Custom Information Systems – High tech contact and information management solutions have developed in a number of industries. For pharmacists, these systems work by synchronizing and integrating health and medication records, flagging potential abuse, and helping pharmacists monitor data.
  2. Automation – In most hospitals, drug dispensing has already been automated. This tech is now making the leap into the pharmacy setting. This transition is perhaps motivated, in part, by Amazon’s foray into the industry via their acquisition of PillPack.
  3. Mobile Apps – From drug information to notifications about when prescriptions are ready, the potential for mobile apps to have a positive impact on the pharmacy industry is vast. It is likely that apps will even begin to integrate with patient electronic health records, though this will require significant security measures.
  4. Noninvasive Medical Tech – A number of companies are working on developing new technologies to make the procedure of checking blood glucose levels less invasive. The goal is to come up with a device to measure glucose levels noninvasively and in real time—and then automatically transmit them to a patient’s healthcare team.

For more details on these exciting new technological developments, check out the article in full at Drug Topics.

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