Acquiring a Loan for Your Independent Pharmacy

Are you an independent pharmacist considering seeking a bank loan for your business? A recent article from Pharmacy Owners offers a great overview of the do’s and don’ts of seeking this type of loan.

When a bank is considering lending to an independent pharmacist, they assess the borrower’s credit using the Five C’s: character, capital, conditions, collateral, and cash flow. Read on to learn more.

  1. Character – The bank wants to determine if a borrower is trustworthy. To do so, they assess personal finances and credit. A borrower’s loan payment history is a big factor in this area.
  2. Capital – When a borrower has a personal stake in the business for which they’re seeking a loan, it is a good indicator of their commitment. The lender will want to assess the personal financial position of the borrower, evaluating assets and liabilities to determine net worth.
  3. Conditions – The bank will want to have some idea of how the money will be used. A well thought-out business plan is key in this area.
  4. Collateral – In the event that a borrower is unable to repay their loan, there must be a back-up plan in case.
  5. Cash Flow – Lenders need to be confident that borrowers will be able to pay back their loan successfully. They will evaluate your business’s cash flow to determine this.

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