Amazon-Owned PillPack Hits a Hitch in Acquiring Prescription Information

Recently, the third-party contractor Surescripts made the decision to end its business relationship with PillPack, the Amazon-owned prescription delivery company. In a recent article for Business Insider, author Zachary Hendrickson covers the history of the relationship between these two companies and what the severing of their business ties means for PillPack.

What’s the background to this story? Amazon’s acquisition of PillPack made many healthcare companies nervous. The idea of the behemoth of a company stepping into their arena was not welcome.

Surescripts manages 80% of all US prescriptions, so their refusal to work with PillPack is a big deal. Hendrickson predicts that Amazon will respond by suing Surescripts. They want to force the company to restores its access to prescription data. This is a dicey move for Amazon, because it could expose them to bad press about their own efforts to shut competitors out of access to user information.

For more details, read the article in full at Business Insider.