Dispelling Myths About Specialty Pharmacies

A recent study revealed that clinic-based specialty pharmacy services are a positive presence in health systems. Not only do they enhance patient care, but they help health systems to differentiate in a crowded market. In a recent article for Pharmacy Times, author Jerry Buller examines common misperceptions that persist, despite the above-mentioned data.

Myth #1: Specialty pharmacies only make sense in large health systems. In reality, specialty pharmacies can enable smaller health systems to retain complex patients, thereby both supporting high-quality care and reducing the total cost.

Myth #2: Specialty pharmacies are “just another pharmacy.” The business model for a specialty pharmacy is actually quite different than that of a traditional one. They often need different equipment and/or staff with special skills. Additionally, they rely heavily upon having a strong connection with providers and patients.

Myth #3: Specialty pharmacy programs are difficult to create. Though specialty pharmacies are certainly different than traditional pharmacies, they are not necessarily more difficult to manage. As long as you have a strong plan in place and clear goals, you can expect good performance.

For more details, read the article in full at Pharmacy Times.