How to Remain Prepared for an Inspection At All Times

Nobody likes dealing with surprise inspections from the state board of pharmacy, but they are simply a reality of life as an independent pharmacy. A recent article from Pharmacy Today offers some tips for remaining well prepared for inspections at all times.

  1. Always maintain a clean compounding space.
  2. Be ready at all times by keeping your space neat and storing all important compliance paperwork together in a secure location.
  3. Always have a manager on duty who is knowledgeable about your pharmacy and well prepared to guide the inspection.
  4. Consider seeking out a knowledgeable inspection professional to work with you to make sure that your pharmacy is meeting current inspection requirements.
  5. Keep in mind that, though it may not always feel like it is the case, the inspector is on your side. Pharmacies and inspectors share the goal of working together to create safe spaces and ensure good pharmacy practices.

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