How Trends in the Auto Industry Can Affect Community Pharmacies

Oddly enough, there are a number of important lessons the community pharmacy industry can learn from the example of the auto industry. Though these industries vary greatly, they share the common attribute of having transformed dramatically over the last century. A recent article submitted to Medium by TelePharm details what community pharmacies can learn from the auto industry.

  1. Technology is leading change in both the pharmaceutical and auto industries—which is why embracing the latest innovations can impact your bottom line.
  2. Listening to the needs and wants of the customer will likely keep them coming back. Patients generally desire excellent customer service and convenience — so it’s essential that you work with your employees to provide your customers with a great experience while also offering useful solutions, such as telepharmacy, text reminders, and online refill portals.
  3. Efficiency needs to be continually evaluated — implementing artificial intelligence devices and automated technology can improve productivity and increase profits.
  4. Safety is vital to survival — as a pharmacy, you must frequently take a hard look at what you are doing to ensure patient safety and how you are communicating your safety standards to customers.

For more details, read the article in full at Medium.