Independent Pharmacists Respond to a Bevy of New Challenges

In response to industry developments, independent community pharmacists have become quite adept at accommodating to changing conditions. In a recent article for Drug Topics, author Beth Duff explores how independent pharmacists are responding to the new challenges that they face.

  • New Role – Due to their frequent patient interactions, independent pharmacists are uniquely positioned to address key challenges in the U.S. healthcare system by stepping into a more prominent role on a patient’s integrated healthcare team.
  • New Marketplace Environment – New marketplace challenges brought on by a variety of factors, including below-cost reimbursements and unpredictable Direct and Indirect Renumeration (DIR) fees, present a big obstacle for independent pharmacists.
  • New Niche Services – One popular method for dealing with the issues mentioned above is diversification through the addition of new niche services.
  • New Ways to Provide for Their Communities – In order to choose a good niche specialization, independent pharmacists need to evaluate the needs of their local community.
  • New Marketing Tactics – Many independent pharmacists have discovered that it takes hard work, persistence, and creativity to deliver a marketing message that resonates with their target audience.
  • New Competition – In conjunction with new marketing tactics, independent pharmacists must work to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • New Collaborations – Duff cites the ongoing transformation of the U.S. healthcare system as a challenge for medical providers across the board. Some independent pharmacists have chosen to adapt by joining an integrated network of community pharmacies.

For more details, read the article in full at Drug Tropics.