Key Strategies for Differentiating Your Pharmacy Business

Does your pharmacy stand out from the crowd? What are you doing to offer unique opportunities or experiences for your customers? In a recent article from Pharmacy Times, author Lester Nathan explains why differentiating your pharmacy is the key to achieving success and outdoing your competition.

According to Nathan, when you send a clear message that your products are unique and superior, you’ll attract more customers and, therefore, benefit from greater profits. Here are some of the author’s suggestions for differentiating your practice:

  • Customize your services to the needs of your customers
  • Go beyond just selling medicine—offer additional information and education to clients
  • Offer a thorough assortment of products
  • Consider making a “brand name promise”
  • Develop a unique look and ambiance in your store(s)

What it boils down to, explains Nathan, is this: “What really matters to your patients is how you provide them with solutions to their health problems that they simply cannot get elsewhere.” He concludes with a quick overview of methods for improving your business model in order to differentiate your practice, emphasizing the important role that strategic marketing plays.

For more details, read the article in full at Pharmacy Times.

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