Leading Your Team Through Transitions

Implementing new policies and procedures at your pharmacy business can be a tough uphill battle. In a recent article for Pharmacy Development Services, author Koreen Leavitt offers a quick, three-step plan for getting your team on board with changes.

  1. Offer Clear Instructions – In order to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly in the midst of change, be sure to give clear direction, guidance, and support to your employees. Not only will this make the transition less bumpy, but it will help improve attitudes towards it. Consider creating and distributing a policy and procedures manual for your new system.
  2. Make it Worth Their While – Positive incentives can go a long way in smoothing difficult transitions. Consider developing an incentive structure to motivate your employees to make the adjustments necessary. You can use a combination of rewards, including verbal praise, bonuses, prizes, and more.
  3. Be Available to Answer Questions – When implementing new processes, it’ important that you have your feet on the ground, especially right at the beginning. Be around to answer questions, offer advice, and raise morale.

For more details, read the article in full at Pharmacy Development Services.