The Potential Impact of AI on Pharmacies

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is developing rapidly and causing disruption in a wide range of industries. In a recent article for Medium, author Richard Franks explains why the pharmaceutical industry is no exception to this pattern of disruption and offers some strategies to help pharmacists continue to succeed in the face of this change.

Franks lauds AI for its potential to add significant value in the areas of pharmacy billing and reimbursements—integral parts of the industry. What AI can’t yet do, however, is cover areas where “softer skills” are required. Areas where personal interaction is needed, then, are the key to remaining relevant as the pharmacy industry experiences disruption caused by AI technology.

Pharmacists should consider a business transition from simply a pharmacy to a health management center, writes Franks. Consider adding services such as immunizations or screenings, offering counseling to customers on best practices with their medicines, and working in conjunction with other healthcare services. Franks also recommends that pharmacists seek out ways to implement other new technologies, such as wearable sensors and digital health solutions, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

For more details, read the article in full at Medium.