When it Comes to Outstanding Customer Service, Who is Your Competition?

What could Disney have to do with pharmacies? Oddly enough, a lot. A recent article published by The Honest Apothecary, the first in a series on the subject authored by Jason Poquette, discusses Disney culture and how it can be applied to the healthcare business model.

The focus of Poquette’s first article is competition: how it’s traditionally viewed by retail pharmacists, and what Disney’s culture has to say about it. Logically enough, pharmacists generally consider their competition to be other pharmacies—especially those in close proximity to their own business. However, Disney’s focus when it comes to competition is not exclusively on similar businesses, but simply on any business: a business’s competition is any business which their customer compares them to—and they constantly strive to be considered the best. The author explains that “the TOP drivers of patient satisfaction are almost all things which EVERY business seeks to provide. Things like perception of ‘care’ and ‘employee attitude’ and ‘response to complaints’ and ‘communication’ and ‘convenience.’”

The challenge is to get into the mind of your customer and understand that their opinion of the service they received at your business is relative to not just the service they’ve experienced at other pharmacies, but to the customer service experiences that they’ve had at any other business they’ve visited. Consider the comparison between your standard of service and that of Disney—perhaps it’s time to raise your standards.

To read the article in full, visit The Honest Apothecary.