Leveraging Social Media to Strengthen Your Pharmacy

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, social media has become more important than ever as a medium for communicating and staying connected with pharmacy clients. A recent article from the Pharmacy Times examines how pharmacists can leverage social media to strengthen their operations.

The author explores the following facets of social media:

  • The ability of pharmacists to connect within their industry community via social media. They can discuss various issues and topics that they encounter with their peers in a competition-free environment.
  • The various social media platforms and how different forms appeal to different people, depending on demographic differences.
  • The ability to use social media to cultivate an image of one’s pharmacy, counter false perceptions of what pharmacists do, and expand one’s ability to offer new services.
  • The benefits that come from online networking and making broader interprofessional connections using social media.

Social media offers many avenues for growth. To learn more, click here to read the article in full.