Looking to Maximize Your Pharmacy’s Potential? Start Here.

Running a successful pharmacy is more difficult than ever, especially for independent businesses. In a recent article for Telepharm, Zach Schladetzky recommends five strategies for pharmacy owners to consider when seeking to maximize their business’ potential:

  1. Collaborative practice agreements—the creation of a formal relationship between a pharmacist and a physician (or provider) that allows pharmacies to expand the services they can offer to patients.
  2. Retail telepharmacy—this cost-effective solution helps provide convenient pharmacy access for your customers.
  3. Point-of-care testing—where allowed by state law, this is a convenient, rapid, and reliable way to screen for infectious diseases.
  4. Vaccination programs—Immunizations and vaccinations provided at pharmacies are very common these days; offering this service is an easy way to boost revenue.
  5. Medication therapy management (MTM)—not only will delivering services through an MTM program increase revenue, but it will allow you to put to good use your clinical experience and provide high-quality care to your pharmacy customers.

For more details, read the article in full at Telepharm.