Mitigating the Pain of a PBM Audit

Dealing with a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) audit is perhaps one of the biggest headaches that an independent pharmacist encounters. Not only are they stressful, but they are also expensive. Is there anything that pharmacists can do to mitigate the pain of a PBM audit? In a recent article from Pharmacy Owners, Koreen Leavitt offers the following suggestions for being proactive about PBM audtis:

  1. Document thoroughly, and keep your paperwork well-organized.
  2. Be especially careful about documentation when it comes to high-cost drugs—they are monitored more closely than cheaper prescriptions.
  3. Be sure to establish and enforce strong standard operating procedures regarding all key functions of your pharmacy.
  4. If you need help, consider consulting with your state board and/or other PBM audit experts.

For more details, read the article in full at Pharmacy Owners.