Tips for Independent Pharmacies in the Midst of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is having a massive impact across the globe. A recent article from Elements magazine offers some tips for independent pharmacies seeking to aid in the fight against the virus and keep their businesses afloat.

  1. Focus on delivery service. Start offering delivery if you do not already, consider waiving delivery fees, include over-the-counter medicines and other items in your offerings, and make sure that your customers are aware of the service.
  2. Synchronize customer medications wherever possible in order to reduce the number of trips that your customers make to the pharmacy or deliveries that you make to them. Additionally, consider increasing refills to cover longer periods of time.
  3. Keep your shelves fully stocked in order to provide for those customers who do come in. Consider adding some grocery products to your inventory.
  4. Put a limit on purchases of high-demand items, such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
  5. Change your operating hours to make time for high-risk customers only to do their shopping.
  6. Help prevent the spread of the virus by using extra preventative measures during this time.
  7. Display your OTC flu treatment products in order to make them easy to find. Many customers are extra sensitive to flu-like systems right now.
  8. Keep up to date on the news so you can offer good guidance and answers to your customers’ questions. They see you as an expert, so strive to be one.
  9. Focus on customer care in order to ease the anxiety of your client base.

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